Sunday, July 27, 2008


What a lot of family fun I had Friday night as I camped for the first time in years. Jenae is here from California, and she brought her tent so that I got to stay with her, Becky, Emily, and Kaleb. Julie, my niece and Jenae's cousin, came up with her tent, too, and she and her four children camped at the same site with us. The children got along great and could entertain themselves (spending a long time making an open "coffin" in the sand of the volleyball court near the lodge--we stayed at Mutual Dell up American Fork Canyon). Shaunalei came up to visit and bring Jenae's kids to stay (they had spent some time with their cousins earlier in the day). And although the weather was hot, and carrying all the gear can be less than joyous, we managed to enjoy ourselves a lot, playing games, chatting, and enjoying pine trees. I highly recommend it to anyone.

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Jenae said...

Great entry Mom! We had a great time camping with you.