Sunday, March 28, 2010

My 2010 trip to Jenae's

My only adventure so far this year has been my trip to California in February. Here are some of my favorite shots. (Some are repeats from Jenae's blog, as I sent her these, too.) The week was one pure joy for me. Favorite moments? Going to the Mormon Battalion memorial and Old Town, playing with the grandkids, asking "What?" every time Kaleb said, "You know what?," reading a scripture and having family prayer together every night, doing the Treasure Hunt, seeing the kids at school, digging weeds with Kaleb and Becky, making quiche and pies, getting great Emily hugs (and Becky and Kaleb ones, too), just relaxing and talking with Jenae, going to the San Diego Temple with her, and going to church and the beach together as a family. They are a joy to me.