Thursday, September 24, 2009

Summer Memories

I've been thinking about what a nice summer this was--some hot days but nothing like long stretches of over-100 degrees that we have had some years. I'm posting a few of my favorite memories this summer.

Backyard barbecues--

Hike up Round Peak with Shaunalei--

Devi and Ken's visit--

Watching the Civic Center be built--

Visiting the Art Museum's sculpture garden with Don--

Visits from Jenae and Kirsten's families--

Gorgeous sunrises--

Trip to Salt Lake with Kirsten and kids--

Art City Days balloon launch--

My cute insect-avoiding reading space--

Misty rainy days in June--

Don's edging project--

The house we almost bought--

A big hug from Michelle--

June's gorgeous flowers--

It was a great summer.