Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Visit

I went to Shaunalei and Michelle's homes on Christmas morning and took a couple of pictures of happy (and tired) kids. I'm sorry I missed taking a shot of Daniel. He was on the floor enjoying his big toy truck and playing gas station. I got a kick out of the Andersen kids following their strings of yarn to find their "big" presents. I even got in on the action with Ashleigh after we had to undo all the yarn she had wrapped around her wrist when it became too hard to fit through some narrow places. I hope everyone had a wonderful time this Christmas!

Richard's Graduation

I was glad that Kirsten and her kids were willing to let me tag along on their stay in Salt Lake so I could go to the graduation, too. I had a great time and was so proud of Richard.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

It's early A.M. and there on the hearth are our shoes getting warm so they'll snuggle our feet.

When I see out my window the sky's getting pink, I run out the door and into the street.

The lens on my camera fogs up from the cold; I'm grateful the sky is not full of sleet.

I dash to the churchyard; the darkening pink makes the silhouette limbs a sunrise "complete."

My toes are all nippy, my nose has turned red, but this morning's glow has been such a treat!