Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas at Our House

Christmas was cold this year. A slight sifting of snow fell, but as the skies cleared the temperature dropped. Still, the white mantle on the mountains was most welcome.

Don's yearly "adjustments" of our manger scene brightened my life and brought many smiles.

The wise man on the roof was a masterly touch. This magi wanted to get an uncluttered glimpse of baby Jesus, even if it was upside down as well.

The animals found a way up the ramp so they could see, but the stubborn cow decided to sit down where it was, so the donkey and sheep had to wait patiently for their turn.

It was truly an unusual (one might even say "unique") arrangement, as the group crowded elbow to elbow to watch.

Our little wooden reindeer stood proudly as he has done for so many, many years.

The stuffed animals made things cozy beneath the television set.

I couldnt' resist including all three pictures of the Christmas tree. First as it is in daylight (with a flash).

The second view is a little blurrier as the flash was turned off and the lights on the tree gave the only illumination.

And the last is the blurriest of all, when I included the star. The feeling of the blurry tree captures some of the "magic" feeling that I love about having a Christmas tree. Who needs sharp reality?

Of course, the holiday isn't complete until I get out a puzzle on Christmas day.

For me, one of the highlights of this year's Christmas was the gift my children gave us of an LCD picture frame pre-programmed with pictures from all six of my children and their families and loved ones. It is a delight to turn it on and just sit and watch.

And I once again read the four gospels and the book of Acts from the Bible, starting just after Thanksgiving and reading every day up until Christmas. It keeps me focused on the Savior, who is truly the gift to us all from a loving Heavenly Father. Jesus's love for us brings light and hope and joy into our lives.
I hope your Christmas was as nice as ours was.