Sunday, November 11, 2012

Changeable Weather

What a difference a day makes!  We went from short sleeves and sun to coats and snow almost literally overnight.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Less than the dust

 If only I were small enough--

 to swim in a sparkling dew drop dangling precariously from the petal of a pansy

to ride on the whisker of a wee gray mouse scurrying through long lush fieldgrass

to sit on a single dandelion umbrella and rise up and up and up and up

to stand on tiptoe and look close-up into the many-faceted eye of a fly

I was enjoying thinking about being almost miniscule and what things I would like to be able to do. Here's my challenge: What would you like to do, if only you were small enough?

Here is Michelle's answer:

If I were very, very small,
I would sit in a tulip and recall
 the things that fascinated me,
 like the whispering wind, and the buzzing of a bumblebee.
To dance in the wind with fairy wings,
and raise my voice to the babbling brook and sing.
But mostly what I love in this verse,
 is the fact that even though I am very, very, small-I feel god's presence in this universe.

Michelle Whitney

How fun. I would like to be in a structure that would protect me as I explored the inside of a body. I would ride through the thousands of miles of circulatory vessels. I would like to see a fertilized egg grow. I would like to see the white blood cells make their attack on pathogens.
Kirsten Weber

I would definitely have to say I would like to make SNOWANGELS in cake frosting!  I would be too small to be seen, and there for would not be mistaken for a bug;  HOWEVER, being eaten would be a definite risk.  I would have to be careful.  
P.S.  I guess that would definitely mean that it was not Snow Angels, but FROSTING Angels.  :) ;)
Cherranne Holm

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Vacation with the Torgersens

What a great week I had at Oceanside with Jenae and Blake and Becky and Emily and Kaleb. These are some of my favorite shots.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Walk to Spanish Fork and Mapleton

It was a very gray day on Saturday when I walked from my house to Michelle's and then east to Mapleton and back home.

I was glad I had my camera with me.

This poem worked its way into my mind as I walked.


Quiet, softer glory gathers

when the world is gray—

soothing comforter that muffles

garish, hectic day.

Solemn, silent harmony

spreads over lonely space,

murmurs in receptive ear

whisperings of grace.

Becky Rosenlof
February 11, 2012

Monday, February 06, 2012

Walk to Slate Canyon Feb. 6, 2012

It was a beautiful day for a walk. I started with my coat and gloves on, but soon had to put them in my backpack.

The sky was that incredible deep blue that makes you feel like singing.

I love these views of Slate Canyon and Little Rock Canyon.

The trail was a bit damp in places.

I don't know why my "just before I left" picture ended up at the bottom of the page. I never know how to fix these blog shots.