Monday, May 21, 2012

Less than the dust

 If only I were small enough--

 to swim in a sparkling dew drop dangling precariously from the petal of a pansy

to ride on the whisker of a wee gray mouse scurrying through long lush fieldgrass

to sit on a single dandelion umbrella and rise up and up and up and up

to stand on tiptoe and look close-up into the many-faceted eye of a fly

I was enjoying thinking about being almost miniscule and what things I would like to be able to do. Here's my challenge: What would you like to do, if only you were small enough?

Here is Michelle's answer:

If I were very, very small,
I would sit in a tulip and recall
 the things that fascinated me,
 like the whispering wind, and the buzzing of a bumblebee.
To dance in the wind with fairy wings,
and raise my voice to the babbling brook and sing.
But mostly what I love in this verse,
 is the fact that even though I am very, very, small-I feel god's presence in this universe.

Michelle Whitney

How fun. I would like to be in a structure that would protect me as I explored the inside of a body. I would ride through the thousands of miles of circulatory vessels. I would like to see a fertilized egg grow. I would like to see the white blood cells make their attack on pathogens.
Kirsten Weber

I would definitely have to say I would like to make SNOWANGELS in cake frosting!  I would be too small to be seen, and there for would not be mistaken for a bug;  HOWEVER, being eaten would be a definite risk.  I would have to be careful.  
P.S.  I guess that would definitely mean that it was not Snow Angels, but FROSTING Angels.  :) ;)
Cherranne Holm

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