Saturday, April 20, 2013

It is the day after the second Boston Marathon bomber was captured and taken to the hospital.  In one news article I read this morning, I found this quote: "The dilemma of evil is that even as it carries out its dark, sinister work, it always ends up strengthening good." Rev. Roberto Miranda at a prayer service in Boston

I was encouraged by these words, but began to think about the evil that all too frequently pervades our world.  I was caught up in the useless pondering on the "Why?".  Why would any human being do something so horrible to other humans?  Why would someone perpetrate such acts of violence on children, or the helpless elderly, or ANYONE?  I say "useless" because I can't think of an answer that would justify such evil acts, and it leaves me just aching inside.  Is Reverend Mirando right?  Do the evil acts in this world strengthen the good?  I hope so.  I hope something of value can be garnered from the pain and misery that evil brings with it--even if it's simply compassion or understanding a need for caution.  I think it does tend to make people want to reach out to those who are suffering. 

I find comfort in my trust in God.  I understand that He does not interfere with nor stop all inhumane actions.  His gift of agency leaves us with the need to learn to deal with evil and its consequences.  My trust is that He provides both mercy and justice when the world seems devoid of both.   Christ's atonement is of great power and virtue in helping us to find a "perfect brightness of hope" and to be able to care for those in need.

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Jenae said...

I like the quote I read from Mr. Rogers. He said when he would see tragedies on the news, his mother would tell him to look for the helpers. She said there are always helpers. To me that helps my attitude towards humanity. There is evil in the world, but there is so much more good!