Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day, Dad!

My earliest memories involve you.

When I was just a toddler, I loved to lean my ear against your chest and hear the deep rumble of your voice. Even at that young age, I felt protected in your arms.

Your strength was legendary, and I remember the reassurance it was to hold onto your hand.

Your eyes were always alight with enthusiasm and joy in embracing the world.
You taught my eyes to see beauty, my mind to open itself to wonders, my heart to reach out to others, my conscience to know right from wrong.

I still feel enfolded in your arms and protected by your strength.

Thank you, Dad.



I always love to read what You write and share! Your Father is Very Good-Looking. :^) I Love Old Photos!

Jenae said...

Wow Mom, what a beauitful tribute! I love seeing the pictures and remembering my love for your dad. Thank you!