Monday, May 04, 2009

More Surprises/Mysteries

On our walk last Friday, Mary Lou Jensen and I "discovered" (think "saw") a set of footprints across the park. The mystery is that we have no idea what caustic substance could get on someone's shoes and kill the grass in footprints that go clear across the park. It's quite amazing.
The second mystery occurred the next day when we walked during a rainstorm. I carried an umbrella the whole time, but when I took off my gloves (which I have worn many times previously without any problems), I found my hands "tatooed" in interesting patterns. It wouldn't come off with soap, even, but eventually gave way to multiple scrubbings.



HMMMMMM........You should submit this stuff for a Nova mystery!!!!! :-)

What it's like to have Addison's Disease said...

It's a mystery, it's a mystery.