Monday, November 03, 2008


Strange creatures showed up at our house on Friday night. They were our only trick or treaters as we participated in the Trunk or Treat at the church earlier. I took my decorated wheelbarrow over and won a prize. Lorraine Steffens wanted to take a picture that included the contents of the wheelbarrow, so I bent down but unfortunately lost my footing and fell right over on my side and rolled onto my back with my feet in the air. It was hilarious. No harm done, not even a bruise. Just a lot of laughter.


Jenae said...

Those are great pictures, and a funny story. I'm glad you were fine, and were able to laugh about it!

What it's like to have Addison's Disease said...

So, no picture of you with your feet in the air? I'm glad you got a laugh and not a lot of damage.