Sunday, August 10, 2008

Remembering Michelle

Our flag is at half-mast. The wind last night loosened our flag so that this morning it was nearly at half-mast. I went out to fix it, but somehow it seemed right to me to that we should announce publicly the mourning we are experiencing inside us. So, rather than raise it, I lowered it all the way to the half-way point.
Don's young daughter, only 36 years of age, took her life last Wednesday night. For years she has struggled with physical and emotional pain that has been overwhelming in its intensity. I guess she finally reached the limit of what she could endure.
Don's heart is broken. We both struggle with waves of sorrow that rise and fall. We talk a lot about how beautiful Michelle is, and remember her sense of humor and adventure, her love of riding horses, her love for her children. We are glad that she is released from the burden of her pains, but it is hard to accept that she is gone from this sphere of life. How grateful we are for our knowledge and testimony of God's love. I can picture her snuggled in his arms. We love you, Michelle.
Our flag is at half-mast.


Jenae said...

We love you both and are thinking of you.

What it's like to have Addison's Disease said...

Our hearts and thoughts are with you.